June 3, 2019



“Professional Pension Planners Inc. has been an avid user of the PenPal program since 2009. The program has greatly facilitated our administrative process as well as our controls for the 600 plus qualified plans that we administer. The program is constantly evolving and becoming more user-friendly, efficient and comprehensive. The support provided is truly exceptional. Saeed and his group are always willing to assist in the use of the program and are constantly striving to increase functionality and accommodate our particular needs. I cannot emphasize how highly I recommend this program. Please feel free to contact me if you’re entertaining switching to this exceptional program.”

Fred Harrison, President – Professional Pension Planners, Inc. – Ardsley, NY


Tommy-Horst“Data is mindless info without a system or tool which can give you exactly what you need to take care of your clients and run your business. PensionPal is just that tool which empowers us to be what we want to be as a TPA and do what we want to do for our clients. I don’t know where we would be without Saeed and PensionPal….. They are true partners to us!”

Tommy Horst, President, ERISA Services, Inc. – Knoxville, TN




“The convenience of all your data being in one place is priceless. My ENTIRE team LOVED the system from Day One… Only wished we would have know about it sooner.”

Michelle Marsh, QKA President – RPCSI, Fort Wayne, IN